A quickly updating (English version)


Hello everybody,

I am so happy to notice that the blog is getting popular and I am even more happy that people like it.

In this moment I amwriting from a library in Alice Spings, in the hearth of the Outback; I am traveling with two really young backpackers ( 19 and 20 year old, because of the difference age I kindly asked them to call me “uncle”): a girl from Italy, Caterina and a guy from France, Meryl. Continua a leggere

“Avanti e a destra” (English Version – “Forward and then right”)

During the last days my blog had his moment of glory because of my interview on Radio DeeJay, a really popular italian radio.

Click here to listen (The interview starts at 28th minute)

(* During the interview a made a couple of gaffes, instead of saying “I work a bit, save some money  and then I move on to another place” because of the emotion, mistakely I said (in italian) “I work a bit, save some money and then I go forward and right” (this because I was translating my thoughts from English to Italian, really funny, but sometimes I think in English even if I am speaking in Italian) so the Radio Presenters start to kid me around and saying that if I go forward and then right at the end I will get always to the same point) Continua a leggere

A new start (English Version)

Here I am, writing on my blog after long … really long time, because when you live your life travelling, days and months last longer, I guess last time I wrote it was last June or last july, in a normal life would be around 3 years ago!

Last time I was writing from the deck of “The Northern Greenhouse”, my home in Cairns, in this moment I am writing from an empty 6 bed dorm of unknown hostel in Hobart: the capital of Tasmania.

I came here to conclude my experience in the State Isle, a place far away from the continent that I would compare to the Italian Sardinia just because the Tassies call Australia “The Mainland” as Sardinians call the Italian peninsula “Il continente” (The continent).

Many Tassies have never been to the Mainland and they don’t care at all to go there, for them Tasmania it’s just Tasmania and not part of Australia; I don’t take any position about this matter, the only I can say is that I spent 3 wonderful months here. Continua a leggere